Il design originale che è divenuto un’icona
“Where do I want the water to fall? From the floor, the ground, the wall, the ceiling?” This is the revolutionary question posed by Gessi circa 2000, at a time when all taps were mere support valves at the bottom of the washbasin. To bring to life this unprecedented aspiration- moving the flow of water to wherever we desired- Gessi thought up a radical design based on the purity of an absolute, strong and rigorous form: abstraction in its essence, like parallel lines traced on a designer’s sketchbook, in any form.

Rettangolo was born from an expression of creative freedom, from the original and ironic exploration of iconic symbols, in simple yet evocative forms. The rectangle is a surprising and unusual geometric shape for taps, a perfect demonstration of how design, with its ability to infuse art and liveability in consumer and everyday products, can enrich the spaces in which we live, transforming simple, everyday actions and places into something special.

With Rettangolo, Gessi has breathed new life into living concepts with the widest range of products, styles, models and installation variants imaginable- their diversity ensuring unlimited freedom in water-based design.