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Saffron Terracotta

Peach Ocher

Honey Yellow

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Pine Green

Midnight Blue

Aegean Blue

The beauty of simplicity

With the KOSMOS collection, Sandhelden obtains a balance between the purity of design and the focus on sand as a material.

KOSMOS, Greek for “order” or “world”, is the eponym for the new minimalistic-classic bathroom collection by Sandhelden.

Following the principles of minimal design, KOSMOS simplifies every design feature to its purest essence, just as everything in nature can be reduced to its original natural element: earth, fire, air and water.

According to this approach, the aim is to reduce the complexity of previous designs and achieve forms that are fundamental to human understanding, have a calming effect and can relax the mind.

Each model consists of minimalist, modern and timeless designs with a clear line as the language of form. The sustainable, as well as high-quality material sand, which is processed in the 3D printing process, underlines the naturalness and uniqueness of the collection.

The models, designed in pairs, differ slightly in the shape of the lower termination. Some of them have an elegant straight base, while the others have a curved and dynamic finish that takes simplicity to the extreme. 6

With KOSMOS, we bring the mind to the base through clean lines, simplicity and monochromatic products that invite us to enjoy the bathroom experience.

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