Fresh, clear water represents cleanliness and hygiene. In the bathroom, it is used for refreshing showers and warm, relaxing baths, as well as for shaving and brushing teeth. With the new shower toilets, you can enjoy that same pleasant, clean feeling after using the toilet. ViClean shower toilets include a bidet function that provides a warm and gentle spray of cleansing water from a nozzle underneath the toilet seat. All you need to do is dry yourself using a soft towel or toilet paper. Shower toilets provide intimate cleansing while protecting the skin and offering ultimate hygiene.


Ingeniously discreet. Refreshingly pleasant.

Less is more: and the same applies to the revolutionary design of Villeroy & Boch’s ViClean-I 100 shower-toilet. The innovative bidet technology concealed inside the toilet is almost invisible from the outside. The elegant design of the ViClean-I 100 shower-toilet lends itself to a wide variety of bathroom styles. 




Intuitive operation

Operating your ViClean shower toilet is simple with a remote control or the convenient smartphone app. The remote control features an intuitive, self-explanatory design, and the ViClean app allows you to save your personal user profile. Activate the bidet spray nozzle with the touch of a button and enjoy the gentle cleansing action of the shower toilet.

Revolutionary design

The ViClean shower-toilet impresses with its innovative design. The bidet technology is integrated in the ceramic bowl of the shower-toilet instead of the toilet seat. This means that from the outside, these bidet toilets look just like any other toilet.

Perfect hygiene

ViClean shower toilets meet the highest hygiene standards. The bidet spray nozzle integrates seamlessly into the Quaryl cover and is rinsed with fresh water after each bathroom use. The rimless ViClean operates as a DirectFlush toilet for particularly thorough flushing. The surfaces of the shower toilet feature tried-and-tested CeramicPlus technology, which repels water and dirt and allows for easy cleaning.

Shower functions

ViClean shower-toilets offer a wide range of functions for maximum comfort and ultimate hygiene in the bathroom. Bidet options include a rear wash and a lady wash for intimate areas. The HarmonicWave rinse jet provides a gentle and thorough cleaning experience. Temperature, intensity and position of the spray jet can easily be adjusted using the remote control or app.