Designed by Stefan Bassing



A fallen star.

Formed in space, meteorites are some of the oldest and most elemental objects in our solar system. Through the collision with other forms of materials and their exposure to heat and friction, they find their unique shape. This process of formation and erosion is the inspiration for the METEORITE collection. Through a digital process, chunks of crystalline digital material are algorithmically generated. These pieces of digital rock are then further eroded, cut, and manipulated by a computer program in the search of sculptural qualities that give shape to the design of this bathroom collection. All pieces are made of natural quartz sand and manufactured by modern 3D printing technology. 

The collection evokes references to nature such as crystals and stone formations shaped by wind and water. The design consciously moves away from a very reduced formal language and aims to bring us closer to a stronger expression of ourselves. 

The formal articulation of the collection is intentionally sculptural yet features functional details which are purposefully expressed in a raw and simplistic way. The objects invite the user to be experienced and discovered over time, to explore its form in different light conditions and from various viewing angles. 

All products of METEORITE are finished with a semi-gloss coating that qualifies them as bathroom products. With its patination in the surface finish this effect resembles a metallic patina to be found on the rarest meteorites which contain large amounts of both metallic and rocky material. The name of each product is a combination of the name of an existing meteorite that landed on Earth and its chemical classification of which it consists of.

“The collision with other materials and their exposure to heat and friction, give shape to meteorites. This process of formation is the inspiration for the METEORITE collection.”

Stefan Bassing

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