Designed for life

We can’t promise ‘forever’, but we’re certain that the next generation will also feel at home in this
bathroom. Subway 3.0 boasts a timelessly beautiful design that will outlast any trend, making the much-loved family bathroom ready for
the future: with the patent-pending TwistFlush toilet that saves water with every flush, long-lasting materials
and many smart features. For a bathroom that will last and delight for years to come.

Collection highlights

    • Toilet with TwistFlush, our new revolutionary flushing technology
    • Deep washbasins and side ledges for maximum comfort
    • Modern furniture design with plenty of storage space and anti-fingerprint coating
    • Smart lighting
    • Quaryl® baths with the innovative SilentFlow filling system

Features and striking details

Top Together – matching taps

The Subway 3.0 taps coordinate perfectly with the bathroom ceramics in the collection.


  • Flexible: AdjustablePlus flow regulator to for individual orientation of the water flow
  • Effective: AirPlus aerator for a strong flow with sparing use of water
  • Economical: AquaSmart limits the flow of water at the washbasin to 5 l/min
  • Tailored: different tap heights for surface-mounted washbasins with ComfortPlus
  • Easy-care: easy cleaning and removal of limescale thanks to EasyClean
  • Reliable: consistent water flow even in the event of variations in pressure thanks to SmartPressure

Each finish is an eye-catcher

For maximum design freedom in the bathroom, you can choose from four finishes. The Subway 3.0 taps are available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Gold and Black Matt.

More power, less water

The toilet from the Subway 3.0 collection flushes very thoroughly while saving water with the new TwistFlush technology.


  • Powerful: very thorough cleaning
  • Effective: saves up to 19,700 litres of water a year*
  • Hygienic: antibacterial, splash-free and very easy to clean

Our big favourite

You’re all set for those everyday bathroom pastimes with the deep washbasins, like washing your hair or hand washing a few garments.

  • Modern: delicate walls and angular lines
  • Stylish: oblong overflow
  • Practical: spacious ledges

Plenty of space for everyday life

The bathroom furniture offers plenty of space for all your bathroom items. And you’re all prepared for any additions to your paraphernalia.

 •Classy: delicate cabinet walls
• Elegant: slender aluminium handle profiles
• For a lasting shine: anti-fingerprint coating

Lighting to suit every mood

The light temperature can be easily adjusted from a bright daylight white to a soft warm white.


  • Atmospheric: optional lighting integrated in the vanity unit
  • Convenient: can be retrofitted with a smart app control
  • Comprehensive: sophisticated lighting concept with the My View Now mirror cabinet

For some time-out at home

Lay back and immerse yourself in the pleasures of this ergonomically shaped deep bath with its comfortable backrest.

• Relaxing: fills quietly with SilentFlow
• Stylish: oblong overflow
• Delicate: rim only 1 cm wide
• Gentle to the touch: made from Quaryl®

* 4-person household, compared to a standard 6-litre flush. Average use: 5 x per
day per person, based on data from the Umweltbundesamt Deutschland (German Environment Agency).

Experience the diversity of Subway 3.0

Its bathroom suite has been designed to enable custom solutions for any floor plan. Be it a small or large bathroom –
the furniture and ceramics create a harmonious look that is perfectly complemented by mirrors from the My View Now range or shower trays from the
Squaro Infinity collection.

Family bathroom

The Subway 3.0 collection is perfect for all small and large family adventures: deep washbasins with large ledges, plenty of storage space in the cabinets and anti-fingerprint coating so that there’s almost no trace of use after many years.

Guest toilet

Subway 3.0 comes into its own in the smallest of rooms, with storage space used to maximum effect, a powerful toilet flush and the greatest possible comfort.

Shower room

The ultra-flat, rimless design of the Squaro Infinity shower tray coordinates perfectly with Subway 3.0. The seamless, non-porous Quaryl surface ensures hygienic cleanliness and is gentle to the touch.