The origins 

Valdama was founded in 2005. Founded by Daniele Vitali, it is located in the industrial district of Civita Castellana and is skilled in the production of high quality ceramic washbasins and sanitary ware.

The knowledge of the material and the know-how of ceramic product processing is actually longstanding. It is based, in fact, on the experience inherited from the previous family company – called  “Varm” that was founded in 1979 by Gastone Vitali, Daniele’s father, dedicated to the production of plates and tableware of excellent craftsmanship, completely handmade.

Handmade quality made in Italy 

Quality excellence is the mission of Valdama. The realization of each product requests a lot of energy and has complex implications to keep in consideration: material, human work, respect for the environment, corporate social responsibility. For this it is necessary to create durable, high quality objects, designed and built with passion and with the most careful manual care. Unique and special artifacts able to reach the highest level of that typically Italian craftsmanship that the world admires.