Great design has emotional power and an innate ability to instil beauty into everyday objects. Ven- ti20 captures that essence and allows us to rediscover the grace and invigorating spirit of the “Roaring Twenties,” drawing inspiration from that remarkable era to bring the “spirit of the age” to the modern world with all its energy, optimism and joy.



“It was a great fortune to have been able to visit the Gessi factory at the right time. It was very important, be- cause otherwise we would certainly have approached the project differently. For me, visiting Gessi was a surprise. It was like living that fantasy that every designer has of seeing that there is someone, a company or a team of people, who manages to combine technology, craftsman- ship and art in a single object. And we experienced this at Gessi. And that says it all, doesn’t it?”

With carefully dosed retro notes, yet doing away with nostalgic replicas, the Venti20 Col- lection breathes new life into signature elements the ‘20s are known for – the detailing, the iconic style, the playful essence. The collection ingests the enthusiasm for life and future-looking optimism of that era and infuses it into the most private spaces of contemporary living. In this visionary outlook lies the recipe for a new appreciation of style and improvement to people’s lives today.


Careful attention to the detail and form of the sink mixer is balanced by an aspiration for simplicity. Venti20 fully captures the allure of the ‘20s, evoking pleasant visions of light-hearted celebration. The choice of a particular colour or line, like a precious jewel, captivates you in the moment and inspires you for a lifetime.

Symmetry and elegance flow together to create the perfect mix for everyday wellness. not limited to accessories but including genuine furnishings with a strong identity and emotional value, venti20 designs are offered in a range of shapes and colours that freely interact with surrounding objects and architecture.

New daily routines lead to the se- arch for innovative solutions. The ti- meless-yet-modern shape of the wall-mounted version with remote mixer is the protagonist of a modern interior design story that celebrates the poetry of extraordinary style.