A spectacular interplay of mirrors creates a temporary spell that allows you to step outside to experience a moment of personal well-being that seems eternal: SOGNI creates the optical illusion of an endless universe. Water, light and colour stimulate the senses and create an almost transcendental effect. With a play of reflection and refraction of LEDs, glass and mirrors, the multifunctional SOGNI showerhead offers a trick of perspectives that endlessly multiplies the vertical vision.

The moment of the contact with the water becomes a dreamlike experience that frees the imagination. SOGNI is a joyful symbol of sensory infinity that generates an endless light tunnel to find yourself at the centre of your own cosmos.

Three water jets, rain, cascade and refreshing mist, and the customisable colour therapy, make it possible to create ever-changing atmospheres, from the most energising to the most relaxing, but also to benefit from the effects that help rebalance emotional disharmonies affecting the psyche and body. Expanding the concept of perception of space, thanks to the effect of mirrored surfaces, The Private Wellness takes on a new dimension that projects into a magical universe where the real and the unreal merge.