Gessi launches an absolute novelty in the market of bathroom furniture, extending the concept of “total look” to the functional elements of the shower in the most intimate living environment, to personalise and bring to a superior aesthetic level even custom-made shower enclosures.

The System created by the Company for the functional elements of the shower embellishes, with Gessi design, handles, linear drains and hinges for shower crystals.

All these elements, until now looking similar and not the subject of stylistic research, are enriched with Gessi finishes so that they can be combined with the tapware collections, thermostatic mixers and Wellness shower elements chosen for your bathroom.

Not only are these new design objects adaptable to all the different solutions and sizes of shower enclosures; as a further stylistic detail, the Shower G line adds a sartorial touch to the bathroom through the typical textures that Gessi has imprinted on the metal of its most recent tapware collections, creating the suggestion of a ‘woven metal’, a refinement that has become a distinctive feature of the company.