A concept of tidiness and harmony


If harmony, based on order, is dictated by a mathematical / geometric ratio between parts, the maximum expression of purity of form is probably the enrolment of a circle into a square. This geometric and architectural figure has been greatly evocative through time and across continents and cultures. The circle evokes eternal movement; the square symbolizes eternity and immutability. The coupling of these two geometries becomes the dynamic image of purity: the transition towards perfection and equilibrium. A circle inscribed into a square is the theme that RILIEVO brilliantly brings to life. This design gives gracing touch and sight and it evokes that body and soul equilibrium take center-stage in the bathroom. A new balance between style, emotion and functionality.

The embossed round relief under the handle, besides representing an absolute aesthetic innovation, stands as both an ergonomic and sensory element of great tactile pleasantness. RILIEVO has been conceived to be simple to install, use, and maintain. These finely designed features have been devised expressly for the world of hospitality. The ultra-slim contour of the handle, with its progressive thinness, gives the product a slender and minimalistic look and adds to the ergonomics of its use.