Every Gessi creation embodies a fusion of imagination and technology, between form and function, between poetry and concreteness: Rettangolo Cascata is a simple, elegant design intended to enhance the natural beauty of water, cascading like a crystalline fountain

Long lasting design, one Icon epitome of good design


Rettangolo is an icon of conception, it has the evocative and communicative power of designs that have become eternal; the strength of well-designed, instantly recognisable, innovative, functional, intelligent, discreet, honest, self-explanatory products capable of seduction, even after decades. In Rettangolo, the public sees meaning, a piece of identity, personality- an experience they want to add to their home, to their lives.

Ground-Breaking Design


A structure that is not merely provocative: Rettangolo represents research. It captures and anticipates a need affirmed in the architecture of homes, a new geometricity in furnishing. Going far beyond the novelty of minimalism, Rettangolo is truly avant garde, forever altering the architectural landscape of the bathroom.

No longer simple accessories or valves, but decorative objects with a strong sense of personality, Rettangolo taps become a means to emphasise architecture. They structure a re-design of the bathroom as not merely a place of service, but a space for living and display, invention and personalisation. A personal and private environment where you can live fulfilling experiences, moments in which to celebrate the pleasure and well-being produced when surrounded by beautiful things. Rettangolo is the inherent essence of Gessi, the essence of Private Wellness.

Through to the last detail


Rettangolo develops a language of its own in its design, distinguishing it and strongly characterising the Collection in the essence of minimalist, yet highly empathetic lines. The extreme attention to the thoroughness of detail, the perfect harmony of the lines and proportions and the resulting formal cleanliness are the characteristic features making the original Rettangolo by Gessi unmistakable and inimitable.
Rettangolo sviluppa un linguaggio suo proprio nel design che distingue e caratterizza fortemente la Collezione per una essenzialità di linee minimalista ma altamente empatica. L’attenzione estrema alla perfezione del dettaglio, la perfetta armonia delle linee e delle proporzioni e la conseguente pulizia formale sono i tratti caratteristici che rendono l’originale Rettangolo di Gessi inconfondibile ed inimitabile.

The visionary soul of Gessi


Gessi created Rettangolo, and the Rettangolo design has shaped Gessi’s most authentic soul: its vision, daring, and unconventional, creative, revolutionary language. This story telling began with Rettangolo, making Gessi unmistakable in the world of design. In writing a page of design history, Rettangolo by Gessi incites a story of great, uninterrupted success.