From the harmonious union of form and colour, materials and finishes, comes the new GESSI collection designed for contemporary well-being. ORIGINI offers, for the first time, the inspiration to design the most̀ intimate place of living according to the personalitỳ of those living in it. An innovative concept for the bathroom interior that with five colour-material triads, associated with as many profiles, gives you the freedom to choose and combine the different elements. The “chromatic portraits” defined by five iconic colours range from powder pink, for those inclined to the tactile, to the monochromatic clay Greige, for those who prefer a neutral achromatic environment; to the metachromatic Ochre, for a non-conformist personality, to the polymateric Coral, for a traditional mood, and to the metamateric Agave green for a natural environment.


For traditional-loving, down-to-earth people who live without a watch, GESSI offers the MATERIC triad: Coral, Black Metal PVD and Copper Brushed PVD that define the chromatic portrait of those who love tranquillity. The warm and captivating colours of a multi-material environment takes you back to the past to create a space where you can relax and release tension.

The triad MATERIC fits into any room where other materials coexist to create harmony. It is ideal for people living in a city studio dreaming of a country house. The surfaces transmit solidity in spaces characterised by iconic materials such as wood, terracotta and ceramics, but also reflecting materials such as water, helping to create timeless atmospheres in which tactile pleasure translates into emotional comfort.

The result, originated by the possibility offered by the ORIGINI collection’s to freely combine different elements to create rooms in one’s own image, brings joy to every moment spent in the most intimate of living spaces.
A contemporary interpretation of the origins, the MATERIC triad, in which the shapes are geometric and the materials traditional, is the one that most creates a link between past and future. The colours Coral and Black Metal acquire an innovative identity and, together with the brushed finish of Copper PVD, which gives light, dialogue with the new monochrome surfaces used in architecture.
Thanks to the craftsmanship of the artistry, the interchangeable inserts enhance the tactility of metals. The black insert, in particular, resting on the different elements creates a visual rhythm that energises the spaces. The high modularity of the elements that make up the collection calibrates the visual result starting with the wall-mounted washbasin spouts. The formal lightness of the rising rod and tubular accessories and the clear lines combined with pure circular elements add personality to the space. A graphic play is created in the shower by the innovative round shower head that winds around the rosette and with the slender tubular sliding rail in which the line and the customisable round insert interact.

For a total bathroom look, the Cristalplant® washbasin with soft-touch effect recalls the circular archetypal shape of the ORIGINI collection in a minimalist context. Solid and modern, it is offered counter and free-standing and is available in the five iconic colours of the triads, as well as matte white and black.