The elegant objects, furnishings and designs with which we surround ourselves say something about us, and embody the essential need for beauty and style that we express throughout our daily lives. Gessi has embraced this aspiration by creating Eleganza, a refined total look collection for the bathroom inspired by the pursuit of a tangible design to shape the intangible concept of elegance. This resulted in a comprehensive range of furnishings that convey the concept of elegance in all of its forms. The Collection underpins the idea that elegance should shape a unique, enduring and tangible habitat that can be privately enjoyed on a daily basis


Exquisite furnishings, design objects and atmospheres, define the universe of elegance as embodied by bathroom environments that are capable of arousing dreams and desires. In these surroundings everyone can imagine their ideal lifestyle as the fulfilment of a personal concept of style. Just like with the selection of one’s attire, the desired allure can be realized via the masterful selection of furnishings and accessories. The living space can in fact be modified beyond dreams by using a multitude of highly versatile elements.These create a world of beauty where an individual can express his/her refined taste.

If refinement lies in attention to detail, the distinguished details of the Eleganza Collection evoke the high quality artistry of its designers and manufacturers. The Collection’s combination of high-quality design aspects are capable of elevating any bathroom environment, thus resulting in a stylish and charming atmosphere. The craftsmanship, design and innovative production processes, some of which are reminiscent of ancient foundry techniques, allow the realization of unique design elements of exceptional beauty.

As the poetry of essentialism, elegance embodies a form of beauty that is inextricably bound to the spirit of life, and that never fades. Where beauty is not an empty façade devoid of content, but it is rather realized with care and in good taste, design goes beyond fashion and ultimately it becomes art.


Our times leave too much space for vulgarity, exaggeration, exteriority and sensationalism, which often conceal the absence of any true substance. Rather than naturalness, spontaneity, subdued refinement, modesty and understated sophistication, distinction is now pursued through excess and exhibitionism. The modern era, in fact, is in dire need of candour, harmony, simplicity, elegance.