During a journey among the lush scenery and the dwellings in southeastern asia, designer and sculptor prospero rasulo captured in the sun, filtering in light cones across vegetation, the architectural form describing his ideal fusion of architecture and nature: the cone, which became the new “sign” of Gessi.

The Privet Wellness of Cono

Cono embodies a new balance between minimalism and poetry. It blends organic and geometric styles as it stresses on a fusion between the serenity of oriental shapes, inspired by nature, and a western taste for streamlined designs. The extremely innovative concept of cono infuses a special sense of relaxation and natural wellbeing into contemporary and classical interiors and enhances essential intimate moments of our life. Our idea of wellness is not just about inventing new stylistic solutions or concepts for interior design. It is rather about improving the quality of life in people’s private habitats, as well as in a wider space: the planet. This is why we focus on “ethical” design, using new technologies, zero impact production processes and nonpolluting materials. This aspiration led us to name our firm “the private wellness company”.

“The inspiring principle of all gessi collections stresses on the original and ironic exploration of graphic signs of high communicative power. Such forms as the square, the circle, the oval, the rectangle, the drop, and finally, the cone stand as essential and evocative symbols of instant perception. The cone, in its immediacy, has an innovative and disrupting expressive force.If good design is a form of art, art cannot be apart from daily life. Hence my creative inspiration arises from the inspection of reality and from the desire for what i figure in my mind. Observation and imagination allow to live different lives and to expand desires. The concept of cone sprung from the contemplation of the magic in things, in fact from the shape of a ray of light drawn by nature. This was indeed an essential and eloquent sign, infused with poetry, truth and beauty: very simply the cone. Starting from this sign, i created the design of a family of objects that share the same essential magnificence of geometry, enhancing the expressive and evocative capacity of this wonderful pure form.”